It’s a NEW SENSATION! This Aussie Magic Christmas Pud makes Santa’s Hair fly back! Yep! Fair Dinkum! It’s a True Blue DownUnder Wonder. We Kid You Not… This Magic Pud Pizza has the potential to overthrow the Pie, the Pav, the Scone AND the Lamington! But… don’t take our word for it! There’s gonna be some Thunder DownUnder with us in the Jump seat! Buckle Up! Just be sure to order MORE than you think you’ll need!

Milk Pizza with Our very Own Traditional Christmas Pudding Mix, Filled with Almonds, Macadamia Nuts, Cherries, Sultanas and Raisins soaked in Bundaberg Rum, Ginger and Our Famous Coffee Works 22% Coffee Liqueur.

EVERY TIME You Share… You Grow Our Patch of Rural Australia! Thank You!

To avoid Tears and unwanted meltdowns, we ONLY send Chocolate Orders on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Aussie Magic Pud Pizza! 350g