What's the go with delivery?

 Express. Always!


Oz Wide Delivery Times:  Allow 2 – 4 working days.

Please be a little patient with our ETA. Reduced flights. Social Distancing and slowed systems everywhere are stretching time frames for delivery for everybody in this Covid times. 

Freight Cost

The Total Shipping Weight of Your order determines the freight cost. Our freight is directly linked with Aus Post and is calculated at the checkout.

We are travelling around Australia. Can you send forward to us?

Tell us the TOWN You are heading to + the DATE You want Your Stash to arrive. We’ll Roast + Pack fresh for the date You nominate. Your parcel will be in the Care of the Post Office at Your chosen destination. Just show ID to collect your Stash when You roll into Town.

I gave authority to leave. What's with the PICK UP note?

If the delivery person deems it necessary, they won’t risk the Tears + meltdowns. Your parcel will be taken to the nearest Post Office or Depot for You to collect

What about sending to Family and Friends?

Please! Your support and referral is what powers Coffee Works. Thank You! TAG IT! We’ll include a personal handwritten note with any greeting You want.

What about Events? Can you cover it?

Absolutely! Anyone. Anywhere. Any Time. Next Week. Next Month. Next Year. Give us the job! Done! Just SET + FORGET!  We Craft Fresh for the Special Day and make sure Your Parcel arrives in Time to Steal The Show! TAG IT! We’ll include a personal handwritten note with any greeting You want.

Where should I store my coffee?

Once the seal on the coffee pack is opened, we recommend You store the remaining coffee in the freezer to maintain flavour, aroma and freshness. The coffee flavour-lock packaging we use is designed to keep the coffee fresh for extended periods of time. But once the heat seal is broken, it is best to store the pack in the freezer.

Why freeze?

Stored in the freezer, Your coffee will stay fresh for up to 1 YEAR. Oxygen, heat and moisture accelerate the staling process of fresh roasted coffee. Trust Us! Freezing is best! Here’s the Why:  The Freezer is a cold, dry, stable environment that locks in the volatile and highly aromatic properties of fresh roasted coffee better and longer than any other storage method. The Fridge is too wet and too warm. The Pantry is only OK for Whole Beans for up to 1 week. After that, Your Pantry is not Your Fresh Beans best friend anymore! Not Convinced?… Test it! Date a few sample packs, pop one in the freezer, one in the fridge, one in the pantry Taste test them in 1 week. 1 month. 2 months … You’ll see what we mean!

Bean or Ground?

Whole bean is hands down the best way to buy and store coffee.  That said: FRESHNESS. HOW YOU GRIND. WHERE YOU STORE  are much more important variables to consider. Our Coffee is FRESH! Our grinders are GREAT! PLEEEZE FREEZE FOR FRESHNESS! It’s IMPORTANT!

Wanna Get it Ground?

Just give us the nod and We’ll Grind to suit Your Weapon of Choice! GRIND MATTERS! Generally speaking, the faster the brewing method, the finer the grind. The finer the grind the more surface area there is and the more easily hot water can extract aromatic oils and complex flavours from the grounds.

Not Home to receive your Parcel?

Please let us know if You are happy for the delivery people to leave Your parcel unattended at Your home. Any Special Hiding Spots, please let us know! If You are not home at the time of delivery, and no Instructions for Leaving unattended are indicated, Your parcel will be taken to the nearest Post Office or Depot for You to collect.