Frequently Asked Questions

What grind do I use at home?

The best way to buy and store coffee is as a whole bean. However, should you not have a grinder at home or prefer it pre-ground for convenience, simply nominate what coffee maker you use at home, i.e. a plunger, drip filter, percolator or an espresso machine, and we will custom grind it for you.
Generally speaking, the faster the brewing method, the finer the grind. The finer the grind the more surface area there is and the more easily hot water can extract aromatic oils and complex flavours from the grounds.
Where should I store my coffee?

Once the seal on the coffee pack is opened, we recommend you store the remaining coffee in the freezer to maintain flavour, aroma and freshness. The coffee flavour-lock packaging we use is designed to keep the coffee fresh for extended periods of time. However, once the heat seal is broken, it is best to store the pack in the freezer.
Why should coffee be stored in the freezer?

Oxygen, heat and moisture accelerate the staling process of fresh roasted coffee. The freezer is a cold, dry stable environment which stabilises the volatile and highly aromatic properties of fresh roasted coffee better and for longer than any other storage method. Pleeze Freeze!
What is so special about the Coffee Works?

Firstly we absolutely love what we do! Then we are about selecting the best ingredients, we are about attention to detail, about quality, about value and we are about delivering a gourmet experience that becomes an everyday pleasure for you wherever you live, for the rest of your delicious, wonderful life!
What about sending to family and friends?

We are experts at shipping, we have got the world covered. We will include a personal handwritten note with any greeting you want.
So what about Birthdays, Anniversaries, Christmas gifts can you cover it?

Absolutely! Whether its next week or next year we will put your order in our diary and create the gift of your choice fresh and make sure it arrives in time for the special day.
We are travelling around Australia. Can you send forward for us?

Indeedio! Simply tell us the town you are heading to, the date you want your gourmet goodies to arrive, we will roast and pack it fresh for the date you nominate and address it care of the Post Office at your destination. Just show ID to pick the package when you roll into town.