To those of you who know and love us - THANK YOU!

You trust, support and endorsement is what makes this a Reality.

You know first hand our focus has always been on our Service, our Products and, most importantly, on You, our most valued and respected Guests.




To New Friends and potential Aficionados, a very warm Welcome!

And, our apologies! We are aware this is not the most sexy site.

We are much better Roasters and Chocolatiers than we are webmasters. The Good News is we are Really Good at our Day Jobs! AND we are working on a fancy new site as you read!




Please make yourself a cuppa, or even something stronger! Take a time capsule tablet, kick back and enjoy trowelling through our imperfect pages.

The Deliciousness we craft and create is worth the wade!

We Guarantee it!



Coffee Works has grown, bean by bean, from a single market stall at Rusty’s markets, Cairns, in 1988. Roast & Post was born at Rusty’s.


Way back, our early Roast & Post Guests discovered our stall by chance on their trips to the Tropics. Many of these pioneers are Treasured Guests to this very day. We cannot Thank You enough!


More than 30 years on, we are a family of dedicated and passionate people. Together we craft and create delicious, every day luxuries for you to sometimes share and always savour - Direct to your Door.


Our compilation of coffees, chocolates, liqueurs and local teas verges on the ridiculous.

 What began as a small affair has become an engaging, passionate and rewarding way of life.

 All this ridiculous deliciousness is still lovingly created where it all began, in the back blocks of Mareeba, a small country town in the Heart of the Australian Coffee Growing region, in Tropical North Queensland. We reckon that in itself is testament to You, and a bit of an achievement for us.

We Love what we do – Your Support makes it possible – Thank You!