As Aussie as G’Day

No need to select the Coffee Grind when ordering this gift box. 

Fresh From Far North Plantations! These Fine, Rare, Classic Black Teas satisfy the cravings of Tea Lovers as vast and varied as our Great Country! Each Tea has its own cupping characters. From delicate and smooth to the gentle smokiness of a traditional Billy Tea and on to a big bright bold brew.

Send some Sippin’ Sunshine!

Each 50g Tea Sampler delivers 25 superb cups. 

  • Hill of Clouds – delicate. delicious
  • Misty Mountains – gentle. smooth 
  • Swagmans – billy. smokey 
  • Outback Blend – big. bright. bold.

Thank You for supporting the boutique Tea Growers of the Far North!

Aussie Teas to Please