Our Gourmet


We Delight in delivering the rare. the unusual. the absolutely beautiful… DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR!


For over 30 years we have been blessed with the honour of sending our delicious everyday luxuries Direct to your Door. 

We send To You. We send For You.

Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime – OZ wide!


Every week we still go to Rusty’s Markets, where it all began.

This is where we road-tested and grew our ever-evolving and rather impressive coffee range.





Ok! Ok! We admit it! When it comes to coffee, we are Picky! Picky! Picky! 

We craft and create well-built coffees. Road-tested by us. Rated by You. That’s what we do!


For over 30 years we have been carefully selecting beautiful beans from Local Plantations and indeed from around the world, roasting these gems of nature in small batches fresh for every order.


Coffee Roasting is both an Art and a Science.

For all the smoke, mirrors and ever-growing Coffee Toss,

the proof has always been in the Magic Pudding of Guest Endorsement.

 We warmly invite You to Explore our Epic Espresso, Fabulous Filter and Perfect Plunger Collections.

 If you take the Plunge and love what you taste, please Spill the Beans,

Share the Love and help us continue to create jobs and beautiful coffees

from up here in the clean, green Paradise of Tropical Australia.


If you’re underwhelmed, please do us the courtesy of telling us privately.

Public slagging is very unhelpful to any business, it is particularly deadly to

people like us who make a go of it in Rural Australia.


We hope you take us up on our Invitation! We KNOW you’ll Enjoy! 





There are so many wicked ways to say WOW! 

Our chocolate is up there with the very best of them! 

Crafted onsite, we use old school creativity, mix it up a bit, tip it on its head and do it all pretty much our own way! 


Yes! ALL our Chocolate is Gluten Free!

Our core range of Beans, Bars and Barks is extensive, impressive and ALL GF!

For so many people this is Crazy Good news!

 DF. It gets better!

Our DARK Beans, Bars and Barks [with just ONE exception] are all GF. DF.

We KNOW! Where is Chanel 7 News when you need them?


Please consider us as your Personal Gifting Service!

Imagine Molten Magic that can say whatever you need to say.

Willy would be proud! 

Scope out examples of sendable scrumptiousness on these pages: 



We would be thrilled, delighted and honoured to custom create for You!





Meet the Fleet!

Crafted onsite by us, our coffee and chocolate liqueurs are Disappearingly Good!

Dreamin’ Espresso Martini. Dreamin’ Alcoholic Affogato. Dreamin’ Mocha Margarita.

Do we have your attention yet? 

Gift Boxed and safe to send Oz Wide, these ridiculous Reasons to be Cheerful will steal the Gift Giving Show!

While you’re at it, build a Fleet of your own for the Pool Room!






Tea Lovers of the Tropics Rejoice!

Our 5 Gourmet Stores showcase a spectacular selection of Specialty Teas. Whites. Greens. Chais. Oolongs. Herbals. Blacks. Fancys. Flavoureds. Exotic Watergarden Teas. It’s a feast for the Tea Drinking senses! 

Roast & Post: Our current online range only showcases our Local Leaves.

This little inconvenience is an easy - fix Storm in a Tea Cup!


We would be delighted to assist! Selecting some seriously sensational Specialty Teas to send your way is just a CALL or EMAIL away! Chat soon!

CALL: 07 40 924 101

EMAIL: info@coffeeworks.com.au