Complimentary Coffee

For every online order of 2kg or more of coffee and/or tea, you will receive a complimentary 250g of our Coffee of the Month. This complimentary coffee will not show in your cart, but will be added by our Roast and Post team when packing your order.
Please Freeze

Stored in the freezer, your coffee will last up to 1 YEAR.
Oxygen, heat and moisture accelerate the staling process of fresh roasted coffee. The freezer is a cold, dry stable environment which stabilizes the volatile and highly aromatic properties of fresh roasted coffee better and for longer than any other storage method.
Make the most of your FREIGHT

Our products are sent Express Post to your home. Generally you can expect to receive your goodies within 2-4 days.
Our Freight costs are:
  • 1-2.5kg = $17
  • 2.5-5kg = $27
  • Over 5kg = $37
To make the most of your freight, we suggest increasing the size of your order from 1kg up to 2kg or 3kg. You pay the same in freight, but won�t need to order as frequently.
Not home to receive your Parcel?

Please specify Instructions for leaving the parcel in a safe location at your home. Eg. On the back deck, or, inside the pot plant etc.
If you are not home at the time of delivery, and not Instructions for Leaving are indicated, your parcel will be taken to the nearest Post Office or Depot for you to have to collect.
Thank you for continuing to support our boutique rural industry.