Coffee Works Townsville Gourmet Store

with new opening hours!
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Open Weekdays from 9 am to 4:30 pm and Weekends from 9 am to 4:00 pm. 
THANK YOU so very much for your support!

With Love & Gratitude! Annie, Rob & All the Coffee Works Team 
Phone: 0499 026 621
For your ongoing support of Coffee Works Townsville.  
Every time you choose to savour our Gourmet, or, to send LOVE PARCELS and GOURMET Goodies to family, friends, Team Mates, you directly benefit our small community and support our Boutique Coffee & Tea growing Industries in Rural Australia. Thank You! Please CALL AHEAD with your Wish List.
We’ll arrange a CALL + COLLECT Pick Up Plan with You! 
Little Treats. Big Thanks. Team Rewards. Whether it’s a Big Deal or a small token, Coffee Works GIFT VOUCHERS are available at ANY LOCATION by CALL + COLLECT!
Redeemable on EVERYTHING! Valid FOREVER and accepted at ANY of our 5 Gourmet Store Locations! 
We can also arrange for GIFT VOUCHERS to be sent to anyone who lives near ANY of our 5 Gourmet Store Locations on your behalf. If you have Family, Friends, Loved ones or Colleagues you’d like us to post or prepare a GIFT VOUCHER for, Please CALL TODAY! 
Next week. Next Month. Next Year! Our Delicious Dates Diary remembers all your special occasions & Gourmet Gifting requests! We'll create the Gourmet Gift of your choice fresh for the Special Date you nominate, making sure it arrives in time. Just tell us what you’d like, who, where and when. We’ll ensure it’s a Show Stopper! 
Sound Scrumptious? Please CALL TODAY!
North Ward, off Gregory Street, next to Hotel Allen, Townsville.
Phone: 0499 026 621
You'll find Coffee, Tea, Chocolate and Gifts!