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The original mocha

All Arabica coffee beans are believed to have originated on the highlands of central Ethiopia,where the coffee plant, Typica Arabica, still grows wild in the forests today.


Ethiopian Coffee is full flavoured … it’s an excellent stand-alone coffee and is also used to add a mocha character to coffee blends.

Subtle chocolatey nuances are synonymous with high grade beans from this coffee growing homeland of the world.


Deliciously mellow, this medium roast coffee is ideal for Filter and Plunger coffee makers. As an espresso, it produces is delicate, soft with creamy chocolate notes.

For every online order of 2kg or more of coffee and/or tea, you will receive a complimentary 250g of our Coffee of the Month. This complimentary coffee will not show in your cart, but will be added by our Roast and Post team when packing your order.